List of GOtv Packages and Prices in Kenya

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The complete list of GOtv packages available in Kenya, along with the associated costs as of 2023, is provided below. Launched in 2011, GOtv is a low-cost Multichoice digital pay-TV service. They provide a wide range of channels, including ones for movies, music, kids, news, and sports, which has consistently kept them in front of their rivals.
A GOtv decoder and a GOtenna are all you need to access GOtv services. A new GOtv Decoder costs Ksh 1,299 as of 2023 and includes a 1-month subscription to GOtv Plus. For better reception, a gotenna is advised; it costs Ksh 849.

Seven different packages are available from them: GOtv Lite Monthly, GOtv Value, GOtv Lite Quarterly, GOtv Plus, GOtv Lite (Annual), GOtv Max, and GOtv Supa. You can have access to 21 channels with GOtv Lite for Ksh 199 per month, 33 channels with GOtv Value for Ksh 590, 47 channels with GOtv Plus for Ksh 930, and 60 local and international channels with GOtv Max for Ksh 1,150 each month. At Ksh 1,249 per month, GOtv Supa, the most expensive subscription, offers access to more than 70 channels. You will pay Ksh 500 and Ksh 1,200 for GOtv Lite Quarterly and GOtv Lite (Annual), respectively.

The prices of all GOtv packages in Kenya as of 2023 are listed in a simplified table below.

List Of GOtv Packages and Prices in Kenya 2023

GOtv Lite Monthly19920+
​GOtv Lite Quarterly50020+
​GOtv Lite Annual1,20020+
​GOtv Value Monthly59035+
​GOtv Plus Monthly93045+
​GOtv Max Monthly1,24960+
GOtv Supa1,59970+

How To Pay GOtv Kenya Subscription Via MPesa

Here are the instructions on how to pay for Gotv subscription via MPesa in Kenya.

  1. Go to your MPesa Menu
  2. Select Lipa Na MPesa
  3. Select PayBill
  4. Enter  423655 as the business number
  5. Enter your Gotv IUC number –  the one at the bottom of your decoder with a red sticker
  6. Enter the amount you want to pay
  7. Enter your MPesa pin and press OK
  8. You will receive a transaction confirmation message from MPesa

How to Activate GOtv after Payment/Clearing Error E16

Your screen might display an E16 error notice after you complete your transaction. This occurs w hen you make a payment and your decoder is off.
The best way to fix this error is to send a text sms with the word “RESET” to 22688, followed by your IUC number.
To correct the problem, you can also call *423# on your phone.

Additionally, the E16 problem can be fixed online at

GOtv Kenya Contacts

  • 0711 066 000
  • 020 423 6000
  • 0711 066 555

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