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Located opposite Nyali Golf Club in Nyali, Mombasa, is Wild Waters Water Park, a bucket list worthy place for anyone visiting Mombasa.

I went to Wild Waters with my family and this is my raw experience.

Wild Waters Water Park Mombasa Kenya

Our day began at 10am as we lined up at the entrance payment office with other eager families who were looking forward to the experience. Everyone was happy, chatting albeit mildly impatient as the cashier collected payments.

Wild Waters Mombasa Entry Fee

We paid our entrance fee of KES 1,700 for an adult person and same amount for a child. The amount looked somehow hefty given that I had come with my wife and three kids. However, nothing could have prepared me for the exhilarating experience that we would have.

We also paid a refundable KES 600 to obtain a locker key to keep our valuables safe as we went to swim.

The Entry

Wild Waters Mombasa

We were handed our hand bands which acts as a ticket to show that we have paid our entry fee. The bands were fitted on our arms by a man who was standing at the entrance assisting guests.

Having cleared our entry requirements, we went down the stairs that lead to the waterpark area. The place looked quite clean and the stair way lead to an outside area where we could now see the water park.

Wild Waters Mombasa Pool Side

Apart from the water park, there was a restaurant area for those who didn’t want to get into the water. I must admit I was thinking of that option, but my wife forced me into paying my swimming fees so that I could join them in the fun, a decision I didn’t regret.

Changing Rooms

Entrance of Men Changing Room at Wild Waters, Mombasa

As we went down a gentle slope, we approached the changing room which is located on the left side of the pathway. The faces of everyone told it all, beaming with joy and kids jumping with excitement. I couldn’t wait to get ready to hit the water.

My wife and daughters entered the first changing room designated for women as I went to the next one meant for men. I quickly removed my demin jeans and wore my swimming costume and exited to wait for my wife and kids.

I was impatient with excitement and in a short time, they also came out hurriedly and exited. The kids were running ahead of us as we screamed asking them to wait for us. We excitedly ran towards the water park.

The Water Park

Upon arrival, I could see numerous huge slides to the left side pool which was designated for adults and several small slides on the right pool. My daughters were pulling me to get them into the water.

wild waters kids water slides
Wild Waters Kids Water Slides

Also noticeable were the numerous number of yellow floaters that are used to slide down the big slides. I held my daughters’ hands and we slowly immersed ourselves on the kids pool. My wife was with my other daughter and they followed behind.

Bright Yellow Floaters at Wild Waters, Mombasa

My daughters let go and started playing excitedly with the water. There were many kids around having lots of fun and the air was filled with joy and laughter. To keep safe, I bought kids floaters for my daughters and they wore on their hands so that it would keep them afloat should they fall in the water.

I noticed that the pools aren’t deep, which means we all had fun without worrying about unexpectedly ending up in the deep end. At the middle of the kids pool was this spray water jet that was oozing water in different directions at a high speed. I took my eldest daughter and we went to explore it.

Spray Jet Water Massager at Kids Pool, Wild Waters Mombasa

The water jets were mildly painful on contact given the pressure, but I noticed that it was a water massager. After a few attempts on it, I was finally able to set myself in a comfortable postion and have it massage me. My daughter ran away. It was too much for her.

The Big Water Slides

Big Water Slides at Wild Waters, Mombasa

After spending an hour with my kids at the kids pool, I asked them to follow me so that we can try the big slides. I was observing other people coming down and I figured out we could have lots of fun together.

We picked a two person floater and I went up with my daughters. The way up is a manageable slope and we got to the top with little effort. The way up was full of people with excitement, fathers, mothers, kids, and teenagers.

Upon getting to the top, we moved to the middle slides and joined the short line of people waiting in turn. The life guards were putting people on the floaters ensuring they were safe before sliding.

When our turn came, I was guided to sit on front, and one of my daughters sat in the middle and the other at the back. We then went down swiftly and the adrenaline could not hold back the screams.

In a short time, we hit the swimming pool and the momentum took us to the end of the pool where we alighted and started the process again. We went through different slides at different times, but this one slide almost gave us a heart attack. Its called the black slide.

The Black Slide (Pure Fun Horror)

Our black slide experience began with deep curiosity of the dark entrance. I asked my daughters that we try it out, and they obliged. As we got to the entrance, we could hear sharp screams of those who had gone in.

My daughters also heard the screams and we looked at each other in amusement and laughed our hearts out. Our turn came, and I was the first one to go in. I was let go and immediately everything became pitch black as the cenrifugal forces pushed me along the slide walls as I moved at neck breaking speed.

I am not the type of person to be scared of anything, but that day I screamed for the very first time since my childhood. I couldnt wait to get to the bottom, but I wasnt even sure I would. After a while, light appeared and I sprang out of the tube with force and the momentum took me towards to edge.

I jumped out of the floater in fright and I stood there in horror waiting for my daughters wondering if they would make it. Then my eldest daughter appeared laughing and I rushed and picked her up to check if shes ok. Of course she was and it seems she wasnt as scrared as I was.

We then stood there waiting for my other daughter to appear. She also appeared laughing as I rushed to meet her. I took them by hand and asked them that we head to the baby pool given the horror we experienced. They refuted while laughing saying that we should try out the other slides.

We picked our floaters and started our journey up as my pulse rate normalized. Time flew and before we knew it, the 6pm whistle was blown and all the water slides began a shut down process where water flowing through them is cut off.

The Exit

Wild Waters Christmas Lights in December

The friendly staff usher visitors towards the changing room as the water park closes for the day. Everyone is happy for the good time that they have had and the air is filled with excitement. We quckly change and head towards the exit where we handed in the locker key and we got a refund of the deposit we made.

The parking lot is full of warm Christmas lights given that it is December holidays, and their beauty entices us to take photos. We head home to our Airbnb apartment as we chat about our fun filled day.

We are well into February and my daughters wont stop asking me to take them back to Wild Waters. We are looking forward to our next visit.

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