Top 3 Prime Houses for Sale in Syokimau

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By Peris

Getting prime houses for sale in Syokimau to invest in is an excellent idea. Syokimau is one of the prime residential estates to live in right now. This is because there have been several big developments in the area that have raised the value of land in the area.

The Nairobi Expressway now guarantees that a drive from Nairobi CBD all the way to Syokimau will take you 15 minutes tops.

Large shopping malls such as Gateway mall, Signature mall, and The Imaara have also enhanced the living experience in Syokimau.

The average price of houses for sale in Syokimau is Ksh. 17 M. When searching for houses for sale, you will find that the prices vary. This is based on the specific location of the house, the house finishes, and the house structure.

In this article, we share with you our top 3 picks for prime houses for sale in Syokimau.

1. Stand-alone houses for sale in Syokimau

Stand alone 5 bedroom house for sale in Syokimau

If you are looking to buy a large house with an even bigger compound, look no further than this massive 5-bedroom bungalow for sale in Syokimau.

The bungalow is in a very quiet neighborhood on Mwananchi road and lies on a big corner quarter-acre plot.

As you drive in, there is a very wide and beautiful driveway which is part of the plot.

The house has five (5) bedroom, two en-suite, a spacious lounge and dining area, a large fitted kitchen and spacious pantry and a DSQ.

The compound has a well-manicured mature garden with a gazebo and outdoor seats. You also have access to borehole water.

Asking price – Ksh. 23 M

You can watch the complete house tour walkthrough below.

2. Green Valley Court Houses for Sale in Syokimau

Green Valley Court houses for sale in Syokimau

About 20 Kilometers from Nairobi CBD, in Syokimau and off Katani road, lies these beautiful 4-bedroom houses for sale in Syokimau.

The houses are part of the Green Valley Court project. The development is quite big with 41 4-bedroom townhouses for sale in Syokimau.

Each house has a plinth area of 170m2, a two-car parking space, access to borehole water, a DSQ, a spacious lounge, and is very well designed.

Asking price – Ksh. 16M

You can watch the complete house tour walkthrough below.

3. Seven Palms Houses for Sale in Syokimau

Seven Palms 4 bedroom houses for sale in Syokimau

Tucked away in Syokimau, away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi City lies a luxurious gated community called Seven Palms.

Seven Palms is a modern gated community comprising of 15 villas in Syokimau area, off Katani road on Quarry road.

Each unit is a 4-bedroom house and has a spacious lounge area and dining area, a flexible kitchen layout, five spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms fitted with high-quality German finishes, large windows with high-quality glazing and shade screening, a large rooftop terrace, and access to borehole water.

Each house has a total gross area of between 201 – 231sqm.

The design of the houses is inspired by Scandinavian architecture Funkis – which simply means functional.

Features of the houses include beautiful natural exterior textures, a home office space, a large rooftop terrace, access to borehole water, solar water heating panels, and CCTV +24/7 security.

Asking price – Ksh 15.5 M

You can watch the complete house tour walkthrough below.


Syokimau is a great neighborhood to live in. A cheaper way to settle here is to buy land and build your own home as you wish. Buying a house that is already built is an easier way to own a home although more expensive. You can consider finding a home to rent as you weigh your options while enjoying the experience. If you want to learn more about the Nairobi Expressway, a road that connects to Syokimau, read our in-depth article here.

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